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Predicting the Media’s Future

As we enter a new decade, we also enter a new advancement of technology and media relations. Now, I don’t claim to be a media psychic (if those even exist), but I believe I can reasonably predict many 2010 changes in the social media-sphere. Most of these predictions are based on the early development of 2009 trends, or the general buzz going around the PR professional world.

Here are a few 2010 social media projections I’ve gathered:

* Social media exclusivity. With the development of twitter lists, facebook fan pages, and niche networks, social media may become more exclusive and include multiple small networks. According to a blog post by David Armano, exclusivity is bound to happen. Armano says, “Not everyone can fit on someone’s newly created Twitter list and as networks begin to fill with noise, it’s likely that user behavior such as “hiding” the hyperactive updaters that appear in your Facebook news feed may become more common.”

* Mobile social media will increase. With the rise of organizations banning social networks, social media addicts will begin to rely heavily on their mobile online access. We can only hope this will prompt an improvement in mobile social network access and capability.

* PR professionals will look beyond corporate blogs, twitter and facebook. I’m not declaring a new social network, but more of a platform built off the three networks. I’m hoping to see businesses rise to the occasion and creatively master tactics beyond “customer service via twitter,” or a fan page on facebook. According to a blog post by David Mullen, advertising may take over if PR cannot find a new social media platform in 2010. Mullen says, “If PR people don’t get smarter about this in 2010 and look beyond “Tweeting 101” as a prominent example of the social media value they bring to the table, advertising shops are going to eat their lunch.”

* Organizations will realize that social media isn’t always the go-to communication channel. Although social networks have performed miracles for many organizations, some brands and businesses cannot benefit from a social media presence. Yes, it’s cheap and fast, but that doesn’t mean it’s a right fit for every brand. Mullen says social media is “… a smart channel to integrate strategically into a well-rounded marketing plan, but it alone won’t be a marketing cure-all for most companies. In the coming months, many will learn that first hand.”

Those are a few of my 2010 predictions. I’m very excited to see what 2010 will bring to technology and PR.


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