We’ve all been the frustrated customer on the other end of the extremely long “Will you hold please?” phone call. This phone call can entail jumping through 20 hoops before you get your problem solved– resulting in further frustration and an overall detestation for corporate customer service.

At some juncture, it’s understandable– we can’t expect a business to be at our beck and call every second– Or can we?

With the rise of social media, the expectation of good customer service has increased. The businesses that use social media to address customer concerns or questions have created an easy and direct two-way communication with their customers, thus evading the infamous “put on hold” experience.

According to Todd Defren of Shift Communications, customers have started to get “accustomed to Red Carpet Service” through the evolution of Twitter and company blogs. Defren says that big business has responded well to the effectiveness of Twitter and is properly utilizing its benefits. One major customer service Twitter account is @ComcastCares, which exists solely to answer questions and address concerns of Comcast customers. These responses come quickly and resolve many customer complaints.

Defren says that social media has made the customers feel like “stars,” whereas the usual 1-800 customer service hot line has made them feel like “shmoes.” The frustrated customer feels more important when he or she is directly addressed and heard. However, Defren notes, “you can’t be great at Social Media if your service sucks.” Meaning, although your business may be responsive online, that can’t make up for poor telephone service. Social media should serve as an easy starting point to re-vamp a business’ entire customer service system. Defren says, “I predict you’ll feel an overwhelming need to put a laser focus on all aspects of Customer Service.  The mandate will come from below, from the people you’ve impressed online.” The most effective customer service communication will stem from a business’ social media presence and response. From there, a total customer service makeover can emerge.


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  1. kern8604

    Great post! It is true that the more social media become part of our everyday routine, we will need to be aware of the impact made to customer service! It is going to be vastly different.

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