Twitter’s Big Bang

twitter_logoFor those of us who have had Twitter accounts for a year or more, it’s hard not to notice the sudden explosion of the once “exclusive” social media Web site. So, what’s the reason for this rapid increase of the Twitterverse? One word: media.

I can’t count how many times within the last week that I heard celebrities promoting their Twitter accounts on T.V. Everyone from P. Diddy to Larry King are asking their viewers to “follow them” on Twitter. According to an article on, the recent surge of celebrity twitterers has pushed the early,tech-savvy innovators to the side. The article says the face of Twitter has completely changed from the original, due to the influence of celebrity endorsements in American society.Winfrey Twitter

In the last two weeks, there have been two large A-list celebrity endorsements of Twitter. The first being Ashton Kutcher’s pledge to donate $100,000 to aid the fight against malaria if he reached one million followers before did. The second endorsement being Oprah’s on-air interview with Twitter CEO Evan Williams and Ashton Kutcher on April 17, 2009. Oprah sent her first “tweet” live, on-air from her computer.

Twitter is a perfect example of the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements. The media has picked Twitter up and run with it.

Last night I caught an episode of “The Soup” on E! A section of this particular episode demonstrates the current explosion of Twitter in the media. Here is a YouTube video of the excerpt:


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  1. I agree with you. In addition to celebrities, I think news personalities are a contributing factor. I don’t think numbers go high enough to count how many times Rick Sanchez from CNN has mentioned Twitter on air.

    The concept of Twitter contests is also interesting, i.e. Asthon Kutcher vs. CNN. Martha Stewart has tweeted before about how Ellen has so many more followers than her with less updates, and so on.

    The exclusivity has declined somewhat, but I could be one of the people who you think of as a novice. I guess I’ll tweet another day.

    Good post.

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