To the class of 2009…

It’s the beginning of an end, folks: Graduation is rearing its ugly yet alleviating head.

Currently, there are fewer than two months until many undergraduate students and I take the plunge from the economy_2preparatory world into the work world. It’s not a secret that the class of 2009 graduates in one of the worst economic times in U.S. history; what is a secret is how to achieve success with the anchor of the economy weighing us down.

In a recent New York Times column, Career Couch, tips to freeing ourselves from that anchor are revealed. Moreover, the article instills some hope for the struggling soon-to-be college graduates. The article, titled “All is Not Lost for the Class of 2009,”answered four key questions at the top of every undergrad’s mind.

Here are some job searching tips from Career Couch:

  • Look for jobs outside the typical “key words” or positions that your degree carries. For example, if you are graduating with a public relations degree, don’t specifically look for public relations agencies or positions. Instead, look for communications and public affairs positions within companies. Also, think outside the box with the companies you apply for; there are public relations positions in many work fields, from construction companies to animal hospitals.
  • The rest of your life will not be determined by your first job. With that, don’t expect to get your dream job right out of college, especially in an economy like today’s.
  • Use online job search engines; however, use those that are specific to your field and experience level. and are helpful in specifying geographical location and providing jobs for entry-level applicants.
  • If you are planning to use Facebook or Twitter to market yourself to companies, make sure your profile is professional and free of inappropriate content. After you’ve accomplished that, use Twitter to follow companies 218750141_8cfcbf167fyou would like to work for and follow their tweets to see if they have any job openings.
  • If all else fails, don’t be afraid to serve food or make lattes for a year; whatever will pay the bills while the economy gets back on its feet!

To narrow this to a public relations perspective, it may be necessary for soon-to-be PR graduates to open up the playing field and dive into positions in the marketing, advertising or human resources industries.

Also, think of applying in industries that will stay afloat regardless of the economy. For example, the health care or government work fields are usually resilient in an economic downturn.

in_the_airIt’s not going to be easy. 2009 graduates are faced with an enormous hurdle to jump; however, if the effort and wiggle room in the job search is there, we won’t just be jumping that hurdle, we will be leaping over it.

So, as we turn our tassels from right to left, remember: There is hope for the class of 2009!


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One response to “To the class of 2009…

  1. Lisa Hass

    You are a great writer, Ms. Rachel. Yes, one has to be optimistic in these times. Sounds like you’ve done your homework for 2009 Grads! Don’t let this sour economy dampen your talent, this too shall pass…and until then it sounds like you’ve given some great “Practical advice” to those out there facing this with you. Thanks-Mrs. Hass

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