Icebreakers and Name Gaming


You know when you first meet someone and there’s that painful awkward silence right after you introduce yourselves? Well, since we’re just meeting, lets squash the awkwardness. This blog post– my FIRST EVER blog post– will provide you with fun facts and icebreaking activities in an effort to banish that torturous awkward silence. I am confident this will go over well; I don’t think I’ve ever managed to create an awkward silence over online communication. Matter of fact, I’m not sure if it’s even possible. Regardless, I will continue to name game and icebreak my way through this post.

Here are the basics: I am a senior at the University of Oregon, majoring in public relations and minoring in Spanish. I currently intern at the PeaceHealth Public Affairs Office and serve as an account supervisor for a student-run PR firm, Allen Hall Public Relations. Although I tend to be extremely bogged down with school and work for the majority of the time, I still find a way to maintain a 22-year-old social life and enjoy my last two months as a college student. (I realize I may sound nostalgic, but bear with me because you will hear a lot more of this as graduation rears its terrifying head.)

I’m sure you’re all wondering, “Who is this Rachel character, and why does she think she can have a blog?” Well, I posed that exact same question to myself last week when my first blogging assignment was handed out in Advanced PR Writing. I immediately thought, “Who cares what I have to say?” And then I realized that it’s not about who cares; it’s about embracing the beauty of social media and making headway in the world of networking.

Now you may be wondering, “What is this Rachel character even going to blog about?” Well, this is where it may get sticky. My plan is to blog about the world of a PR professional and the ever-changing field of media relations. However, in order to keep my blog enticing, I plan to incorporate a bit of travel tips and expertise from the perspective of the travel/tourism PR industry. Again, it may get confusing or sticky, but if I blog about PR and work all the time, how will you (or I, for that matter) ever be able to escape the workplace and take a vacation (even if it’s just in our imagination)? Although the economy is hitting us all where it hurts, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a break and at least pretend we’re on a relaxing vacation. So! In an effort to decrease the amount of Debbie Downers, I am here to lift some spirits while providing great insight into the exciting world of a PR professional!




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4 responses to “Icebreakers and Name Gaming

  1. Lisa Hass

    So, I ‘m curious. How could I use this in teaching? Is a blog difficult to set-up? How is social networking changing media? Give me the big picture as I’m a big picture kind of person.
    Loved your idea of the vacation. I think we can all use that! Thanks for sharing your blog and hope to hear some response, Ms. Rachel Hass.

  2. rhass2

    Well, if you wanted to you could set up a blog that gives insight into teaching and fun ideas to incorporate into lesson plans. You generally want to have a theme to your blog or else it gets too scattered. It’s not difficult to set up. Go to and it sort of walks you through the process. There are lots of ways that social media has changed networking- one example is, a professional networking social media site. Ben and I are both on it (I think Malia too). Here is a blog about social media marketing and how it is changing business:

    I will most likely post a blog about social media networking within the next few weeks, so keep up with my posts and I’ll give you a bigger picture!

  3. Grant Hass

    Hi Rachel, I enjoyed reading your blog. I was interested in possibly creating a blog for our music group. I guess we should think of a name first! We can talk about that later. I’ll be reading your blog regularly, so maybe some ideas will come from that. This is cool, honey. Talk to you soon-

  4. Susan Rowell

    Hey girl,
    I love this idea! I sooo need a travel escape, and this info can help me focus on a better, brighter, future that includes traveling to exotic places in the world. I will keep up with your posts so blog away!

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